With this Wikia, there are gone to be some user guidelines.

These guidelines are to keep the ElectroBOOM Wikia community in good working order.

1: No profanity. As a child friendly Wikia community, we ask that profanity of any type is not used. The words hell and crap are words that can be used. If this guideline is violated, the user will be warned first so they can know not to do it. If done again, the user will be suspended for 1 week. If this guideline is violated 3 times, it will result in a permanent suspension.

1a: Censored swears are allowed to be used. Euphemisms (like dang, freak, etc.) are also allowed.

2: No vandalism. Vandalism is something common in Wikia Communities. But in this one, vandalism isn't permitted. If this is violated, the user will be warned not to do it again and the vandalized page will be fixed. If the user doesn't take the warning seriously and does it again, It will result in a 1 month suspension. 4 violations of this guideline result in a permanent suspension.

2a: No inserting false information. Inserting false information counts as vandalism.

2b: No unnecessary pages. Unnecessary page is also a form of vandalism

3: No sockpuppetry or unacceptable usernames. A username that's unacceptable (like ones that have bad words) is not acceptable in this community. Users caught with unacceptable usernames will be suspended indefinitely. But the I.P. address will not be blacklisted. So you can create a new account with a acceptable username.

4: Be kind to one another. This Wikia community will not tolerate mean comments about a user. If your caught, you will be warned first. If done again, it will result in a 25 day suspension. Repeated violations will result in a additional 25 days times the amount of times the rule is violated. (For example, if the guideline is violated 3 times, 3 violations times 25 days is a 75 day suspension). 5 violations of this guideline means a permanent suspension.

Obey these guidelines and you will have a good stay on this Wikia. If you have any suggestions for new guidelines, feel free to leave the suggestion down below. 

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