With this wiki, there are gone to be some user guidelines.

These guidelines are to keep the ElectroBOOM Wikia community in good working order.

  1. We ask that profanity of any type is not used. The only exception when it is allowed is on the chat. Words like hell and crap are words that can be used.
    1. Censored swears are also not allowed to be used. Euphemisms (like dang, freak, etc.) can be used.
  2. Spam, vandalism, harassment or any type of trolling is something that can get you an instant ban without warning.

Closing notes

Make it best practice to follow these rules, even when tempted to break them. If you find any user breaking the rules and see no admin doing something about it, please do contact an admin instead of taking matters into your own hands. Also these rules may be revised from time to time so it is also a good practice to check them on a regular basis.

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